The success of construction is based most on the right study. Performance and especially the economy is our priority. Each project has as a priority the absolute security of both these factors to a very high degree. The most capable technical staff of AircolingSystems, having over twenty years in the field, can apply innovative ideas with the confidence of experience. Having undertaken important projects we can guarantee the best solution, your excellent service and the high aesthetics.
Covering all of your needs it is not only a challege, it is our commitment…


Applying theory to practice always with professionalism and consistency, based on our long experience, we belong to the most competitive companies in the field. By working with the leading air conditioning and refrigeration machinery manufacturers and also on our ground-breaking construction department, we come to your place and implement our study. The sophisticated equipment we use and its innovative applications are another reason to guarantee the credibility of the construction and the completion of the project in the shortest possible time.

Technical Supervision

By taking the exclusive technical supervision of the project, we can ensure that we adhere to both functional and quality standards. We minimize the likelihood of future problems and we fully implement the study we have done.
The co-ordination of the work required for the rapid completion of the project is ensured by the physical presence of experienced members of our team. The quality of the implementation of the studies is given

Systems Maintenance

The top quality of our systems is not by itself sufficient to guarantee their best possible operation but it needs regular maintenance. Whether per call or at regular intervals, our dedicated staff comes to your place to service any air conditioning, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.
• Earn up to 40% less power
• Avoid noise
• Protect your health
• Ensure long-term, excellent operation of your machines
At the same time, our technicians will advise you so you can just step in to protect our systems. Immediately, quickly, economically and wherever we need you are at your place!

Energy saving solutions

The combination of performance and economy at the highest possible level may be our biggest bet. Our experience combined with our know-how even in the most demanding problem even in the most difficult task is our contract. Improve your lifestyle by saving money, ensuring a better workplace by implementing our secure and modern solutions. We supply our customers with very low power energy class. Through the right planning, appropriate unit selection and plant pre-inspection, we offer energy savings without degrading the quality of the operation. We modernize your home or business with instant solutions.

• Central monitoring of output ports for energy efficiency measurement
• Intelligent programming of timer programming and energy saving functions on remote controls
• Heat recovery from freezers, refrigerators and air conditioners
• Reuse of recovered heat for hot water and air curtains at entrances
• Integration of fresh air ventilation allowing free cooling in spring and autumn

Technical Support

In addition to preventive testing and regular maintenance, we propose an even more secure and economical short term solution. We undertake the technical support of your systems permanently relieving you of any problem. Having an experienced and highly competent damage troubleshooter in a short period of time we will restore any damage you may experience. Having in our clientele collaborations throughout Greece with important companies such as Intercool Greece Ltd (for the account of Athenian Brewery) and PEPSICO-HBH we ensure the perfect operation of your plant at any time.
• Direct refrigerant response (within 2 hours, 4 hours, 24 hours, 48 ​​hours)
• Energy saving
• Extend machine life
We offer the most economical contracts in the market and we guarantee from individuals to the largest companies the perfect service.


Upgrade and modernize your business with our help. Offering the most inexpensive solutions, working with the leading companies in the field, delivering maximum performance, we are your solution for a comfortable and healthy work environment.
Always following our philosophy which implies saving money in combination with meeting all your needs, we offer to any professional the best air conditioning systems always taking into account the demands of the space and the aesthetic result.

Home Equipment

Despite the fact that the choice of the air conditioner looks like a choice among many commercial products, AircoolingSystems proposes and applies the best solutions for home air conditioning. High energy class units give you maximum performance by saving electricity. By studying both the layout of your space and the square meters to be covered, using modern units from leading companies worldwide, we solve your problem and improve your lifestyle. • High aesthetics • Silent units • Modern design • Constant room temperature • Achieving the desired temperature in a short time • Energy saving • Low prices Visit our facilities and our consultants will give you the solution.


AircoolingSystems, specializing in ventilation and air management, has the expertise, know-how and the most highly trained technical staff to meet your every need. Our company undertakes the study, installation and technical coverage of integrated ventilation systems in industrial installations for the renewal of gas masses and the maintenance of suitable conditions for personnel and equipment. Aircooling Systems Complies with all European regulations of good functioning and is able to undertake the completion of complex projects such as hospital unit equipment,by using airways with special antimicrobial coating

Our service and the high level of service we offer can only be expressed in the best way by our company through our well trained and experienced staff.

Our large-scale team can meet your every need in any field in which we operate. Featuring:

  • SELLERWe are always beside you trying to make every claim you translate into a project!